About Us


At iprayaustin we believe “prayer moves the hand that moves the world.” We believe God uses the prayers of His people to accomplish His will on earth in ways He would do in no other way. In the words of Armin Gesswein, “God will not do apart from prayer what He has promised to do only in answer to prayer!”

Prayer is a dynamic, living force between God and man and the awareness of what God wants to do in your life is usually born in secret prayer. We believe that God still has a plan for this world and praying people will help to bring about the fulfillment of that plan.


While in prayer, the Lord birthed the vision of iprayaustin into the heart of Dr. J. Kie Bowman, Senior Pastor of Hyde Park Baptist Church and the Quarries Church to extend the ministry of teaching about prayer that was already so prevalent in his pastoral ministry. Dr. Bowman has a heart for personal spiritual awakening brought about by powerful, persistent prayer. As Leonard Ravenhill once observed, “Surely revival delays because prayer decays. Nothing does Satan or hell fear more than praying men.” To that, we would only add that the ministry of prayer is open to every follower of Jesus. Dr. J. Kie Bowman wants to partner with you in the ministry of prayer.


Most observers agree that sometime in the early 1970’s or perhaps in the late 1960’s a new prayer movement began which is still growing today. The prayer movement is born spontaneously into the hearts of believers who have a passion for God and His work. Today, more is written and taught, and perhaps practiced, regarding prayer than at any time in at least the last 125 years.

This movement of prayer shows up in unlikely as well as predictable venues. Churches of all denominations stress prayer ministries today more than ever, while a 24 hour a day prayer ministry is sweeping college campuses around the world as students join in prayer rooms in non-stop prayer. Why is all of this taking place today? Is it possible that God is preparing to do a mighty work that could affect the entire world and before He does He is awakening His church to the power of prayer? When God’s people pray, God moves in power. If the message of Jesus is to reach the world during these trying times, the Church of Jesus must return to God’s original plan of depending upon God in prayer. This prayer movement has already started, and iprayaustin is a part of the work of God to mobilize the Body of Christ to seek God’s face and pray.


At iprayaustin we believe the Bible is the Word of God. We believe that Jesus is Lord. We believe the Holy Spirit is active in the church and in the world today. We believe that people need Jesus for salvation. We believe the Church is called to evangelize the entire world. We believe in the strategic importance of the local Church for worship, teaching and fellowship and we believe every child of God should pray and seek the face of God every day.